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  • Get anonymous feedback from your friends, coworkers and Fans
  • You will not know who send it
  • Have fun and make your own link

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Frequently Asked Question

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You may have a some questions about Tellasecret app, please refer the below

Enter your name in the text box after that you will get a link, you can share it with anyone. Just copy and past it.
You can have fun and get some honest and funny message from friends
Yes, Tellasecret is safe to you, we work constanly to improve the platform for you. Your safety is highly important, if you feel uncomfortable, please deactivate the account. our app is safe to use, you dont have to worry about it. Incase if you need anything please feel free contact us.
Yes please do, you can use this to collect feedback about the service or product you are providing.
The link owner can't see who send the message, the person who send is always stay anonymous.
Get the link from your friends then open it in a browser, it will ask you to enter the message after entering the message click send message button, after that it will ask you with a popup box want to send message again or create your own secret message link.
If you get some unwanted message, don't take it personly. You can't see the person who send the message and we are not storing the data for that. You know this platorm provide anonymous message service. please dont take anytinh personly, this is just a fun app.